PRI Gateway options for 3CX, Asterisk or LYNC in Qatar

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2 min readNov 22, 2017

In Qatar , most of the call centers even today running on PRI uplink from Ooredoo. Even though most of the area now in Qatar covered by Fiber optics , some areas still don’t have SIP options from IPS’s . So most installations of 3CX , Asterisk or Microsoft LYNC servers requires PRI gateways. ( Rarely some companies use normal analog trunks, in that case you may need Analog Gateways ) . Popular PRI gateway options are shown below.

Digium G100 1-Span T1/E1/PRI Gateway — 1G100F
Most popuar brand across the globe. They make best hardware and SIP equipments.

Yeastar S100 with EX30 expansion card
Mostly readily available in Doha. Very easy user interface. Stable hardware. This device can have IP Phones connected directly for testing , apart from SIP uplink to 3CX or Asterisk. Cheaper compared to all other options.

Grandstream UCM6510
Almost similar to Yeastar S100. Another popular model globally

Avaya IP Office Control Unit with PRI Card
Stable hardware from very reputed brand. Need following licenses
1- Essential edition
2- 22 PRI Channel licenses ( 8 comes with PRI Card )
3- SIP Trunk license for uplink to 3CX , Asterisk or LYNC

Cisco Voice routers like C2901 or 2911 or 2921 routers with PRI Card. Voice module must be there, with adequate memory. Additional licenses are not required for Gateway only use. Command line interface ( CLI ) .

We at generally have all of the above items in stock ( subject to sales ) . Send email to or call 44775632 .

Technical support , implementation can be done by our experienced engineers. We partner with HTSQatar ( ) who have done hundreds of IP Telephony implementations in Qatar.

You can see the links for the mentioned hardware below, where you can buy the units online.


Yeastar S100 and Ex30 card.

Avaya IP Office Control box and PRI card

Cisco C2901

Digium PRI Gateway device

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