We are restarting our free weekly online classes , just wanted to check what day/time will be best suitable for you guys.

Please let me know.

For those who haven’t attended the classes — we conduct weekly one/two-hour classes on the subjects like security, networking, Linux , Cloud, etc.

send an email to support@claudion.com for registration. It’s FREE but requires registration.

Originally published at https://app.claudion.com on January 20, 2022.

3CX and HTS have once again agreed to serve their customers with Premium Quality services for the coming years.

HTS is the only long-term collaborator of the industry-best communication system named ‘3CX’ in Qatar.

Htsqatar will continue to provide English/Arabic text-to-speech and IVR programming support to 3CX, increasing productivity and remote capabilities while ensuring a top-notch user experience for the customers.

HTS -the only gold partner of 3CX- offers successful solutions for integration with ERP, CRM, and IVR to hundreds of call centers throughout the country.

3CX is extremely easy to maintain and a very cost-effective solution for all your call center needs.

Just contact us and get the installation done within no time at the best prices ever.

Originally published at https://www.htsqatar.com on December 7, 2021.